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SIMS stands for Student Information Management System. This system mainly deals with tracking of all students information such as Registration, Academic Results, Payments and allows students and teaches to interact through the messages and forum.
The system has 5 modules

  • System administrator Module.The mainly functionality under this module are configurations of the system, manage user accounts, sending messages etc. System administrator can do some various configuration for the system to run.
  • Academic Module. This module is the core of the  system and this module deal with results of the students . Assign subject to a Lecturer. Lectures can view students per course,  add their course result (tests, assignments, Semester examinations) in the systems. The module generates report for specific Course, Semester Report and Annual report.  The module also keep track for all student with DISCO, DECEASED, POSTPONED and other remarks. Also it generate progress report  and Transcript for a student and there is action to publish results in order for the student to see their results
  • Admission Module. This modules deals with only admission of the student. The module follow all steps for the student to be registered in the Institution
  • Payment Module. The mainly purpose of this module is to track students dept. Accountant can be able to configure various programme fee structure. It block results for all students with dept status.
  • Student Module. This module  allows online course registration for student. If the results are already published the student can be able to view his/her own results, payment status