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HRP offers a complete suite of human capital management / human resource managment tools.

This system has two part :

  • Human Resource Payroll
  • Human Resource part


HRP provide the easiest way to manage employee informations and leave management. The HRP provides different report depend on selection from user. It allow to manage employee in different Workstations, departments etc. Features are:

  • Dashboard with graph report
  • Configurations such as Workstations,Leave Type, Locations Add Departments, Positions
  • Add employee informations such as personal informations, contacts, Emergency contact, job information, dependants, Promotions of job,Discipline, etc
  • Searching
  • Leave management ( assign leave, approve leave request, Leave summary, Leave report with different criteria selected by user)
  • Reports


More companies are ditching time-consuming manual payroll systems and costly payroll service providers in favor of their own software. Whether supplied as a standalone program or as a module within a unified accounting environment, a payroll software product should provide the automation, productivity, ease of use and other features necessary to provide consistent and reliable service.

This part of the Software offer the following features.

  • Tax Calculation
  • Deduction Support
  • Payslips
  • Loans Management
  • Salary Items
  • Arreas